Be heard.
Be recognizable.

Everyone immediately recognizes logos of famous brand names: the apple with a missing bite, the golden arches or the swoosh. This also works with sound – just think of (da-da-da-di-da). In the world of marketing this is known as "sound branding"or "acoustic branding". It includes music, sounds and audio logos.

Corporate audio is the acoustic dimension of corporate identity which, for the longest time, was mainly visual. Let Media Sound Design turn your company from an EYE CATCHER to an EAR CATCHER.

Know this? `Ba ba ba ba ba, I'm lovin' it’ – OR – What about? ‘It’s the real thing’... Popular jingles that are forever etched in our minds.

Music in communication is far more than just fun and games. Strategically used, it can be extremely effective. Music doesn't need a lot of words. Its emotional power is universal. Numerous companies have made music work for them demonstrating just how powerful specially composed music can be to help position a brand.

Audio branding makes your brand unique and unmistakable. From a song to a jingle – everything is possible. Our talented composers always hit the right note and will create a personalised corporate audio concept just for you. A unique earworm.

Audio-Logo / Sound-Logo

Laeppché Laeppché
ela container ela container

Corporate Song / Komposition

CEWE Color CEWE Color
BenQ BenQ
Siemens Siemens


  • Immediately recognizable
  • Strong identification with your products
  • Clear brand conditioning
  • Increased advertising and media impact
  • Strong emotional bond with your brand

Trust and credibility are the decisive principles
when it comes to the success and growth of your company.
Both can be sustainably reinforced through additional emotional branding.

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