We don't do it by halves.
And love to go the extra mile.

The production of creative telephone announcements is a child's play with Media Sound Design. Simply relax and enjoy our full service. For each production includes the following services:

Before your production

  • Free, no obligation advice
  • Personalised scripting by our creative team
  • Revision of your existing message scripts with remarks for improvement
  • Texts corrected until approved for production
  • Wide selection of voice talents
  • Free choice of royalty free music from our vast music library
  • Personal advice on best combination of voice and music

During your production

  • Quick production of your messages in 1-3 days
  • Studio recordings
  • Cut, mixing, masteing and equalizing
  • Conversion to common file formats
  • Remote upload of messages to your system directly from the recording studio (if technically possible)
  • Incorporation of sound effects on request
  • Immediate reaction in case of amendment
Optional services by individual agreement:
  • Same day or 24 hour express production
  • Skilled translation of your text into all languages
  • Planning of technical installation

After your production

  • Indefinite use of recording on telecom systems
  • Long-term archiving of your productions (over 10 years) for later amendments/changes
  • Information service on new ideas
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