Always in good voice.
Also at your extention.

If you're out of office or just talking on the other line: callers will be greeted by a customised message from Media Sound Design. And you're in line with your company's Corporate Identity. Professional voicemail spots ensure both comprehensibility and professionality in communication and shape your acoustic business card.

In case customers can reach your staff or departments via direct extention numbers a consistent and professional image is of utmost importance. For if any employee records his own message as he or she wishes this will inevitably led to an acoustic chaos. After all, you wouldn't let your staff create their own business cards, would you?

Each announcement is individually recorded in our sound studio. Whether you have 5, 50 or 500 and more employees, customers should hear the same voice and same music – your corporate identity!

I'll be back soon!
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With your voice

Through remote access to our sound studio computer, you also have the option of recording your own text. Once recorded, your message is specially processed, background music added and then mixed and mastered for use in mobile networks. The result: professional messaging with a personal touch. Ask us about it. We'll gladly assist!

Changes and/or additions

New company name? New co-worker? Just got married and changed your name? There are lots of good reasons for changing or adding a message. And you can do this anytime. Of course, with the same voice and music so your new messages are recognizable and match all existing messages.

Ihre persönliche Mobilbox. Auf Wunsch schon morgen fertig.

  • inkl. Texterstellung
  • inkl. freie Auswahl aus Stimme
  • inkl. Aufnahme im Studio
  • inkl. Schnitt, Abmischen, Mastering
  • inkl. Konvertierung für Ihr Telefonsystem
  • inkl. zeitlich unbegrenzte Nutzungsrechte
  • GEMA-Freiheit / keine Folgekosten
  • freie Auswahl aus Musik +23,60 €
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