Personalised voicemail message.
There for you when you're not there.

"The person you have called is currently unavailable." – Heard this standard message before? Or even just a mumbled name with annoying background traffic noise? When you hear something like that, in the back of your mind you get the impression that you've reached someone's private phone.

Customers call your employees' company mobiles all the time – so everything should be consistent. Whether you have 5, 50 or 500 and more employees, customers should hear the same voice and same music – your corporate identity! After all, you wouldn't let your staff create their own business cards, would you?

A perfect solution if you're self-employed! When you're in a meeting or on the line, callers will be greeted by a customised message from Media Sound Design. Totally professional. Small detail, great effect.

Through a special procedure, your personalised message is directly uploaded to your provider and automatically installed on your voicemail box. Leave it to the experts. We'll take care of it. And any update or message change can be made whenever needed. Simple and easy. The innovative upload system guarantees a superb speech quality and crystal clear sound.

These professional voicemail boxes are impressive:

Formaxx financial counseling  
Schulze Immobilien real estate  
Mannheimer Versicherungen insurance company  
BUW customer management  
Schleswiger Versicherung insurance company  
LR Health & Beauty health & beauty  
BLB NRW construction and real estate  
Deutsche Bank bank  
Siemens technology  
Sterling SIHI industry  
Generali insurance company  
DEVK Versicherungen insurance company  
Swisslife financial advisory vacation  
SLS Deutschland consulting Christmas  

This works for any provider and any mobile phone!

O2  Verizon  T-Mobile  EE  Sprint  Three Mobile  AT&T  Vodafone  Cricket Wireless  Mobile by Sainbury's  U.S. Cellular  Virgin Media  Ting  giffgaff  Consumer Cellular  Tesco Mobile  Boost Mobile  The People's Operator  Orange  MetroPCS  BT-Mobile  TalkTalk  Talkmobile  iD Mobile  and many more!

100% Flexibility

Just changed your provider? Got a new number? Or accidentally deleted your message? We'll gladly upload it again from our archives. Totally flexible and no need to be tied to a provider. You can order the new upload any time from the upload centre.

With your voice

Through remote access to our sound studio computer, you also have the option of recording your own text. Once recorded, your message is specially processed, background music added and then mixed and mastered for use in mobile networks. The result: professional messaging with a personal touch. Ask us about it. We'll gladly assist!

Changes and/or additions

New company name? New co-worker? Just got married and changed your name? There are lots of good reasons for changing or adding a message. And you can do this anytime. Of course, with the same voice and music so your new messages are recognizable and match all existing messages.

Ihre persönliche Mobilbox. Auf Wunsch schon morgen fertig.

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